Hello! I’m Jacob, as the name of the site suggests. I’m a presenter, audio person and occasional youth worker.

I’m an INFJ according to the Myers-Briggs personality type test, meaning I’m a rare find (well done, you found me!) this means I’m “not an idle dreamer, but a person capable of taking concrete steps to realise their goals and make a lasting positive impact” – cool!


As a child, everyone thought I’d become a scientist or something because I was quiet in nature and good at science in school but that’s not the case these days, I’ve found a love in storytelling, usually through audio, though I have tried my hand at visuals too. Discovering my sexuality and gender identity also had an impact on the path I wanted to take, activism, speaking from experience at events and helping young people in places I was in not long ago has also shaped where life has taken me. 

Over the years, I’ve wanted many jobs. Train diver, Lego designer, Animator, Voice Actor and so on…  The one that I’ve settled with as my ultimate goal in life, is to be Radio 1’s first non-binary presenter, and the first non-binary person to present Radio 1 Breakfast… (2019 UPDATE… well, I guess dreams CAN come true!)

Of course there’s more, humans live because of the experiences we tell through stories, they shape who we are and how we act. I’ve tried to give you a look into my world and my story with this site, but these brief overviews of what I’ve done/am doing will only ever scratch the surface of it all.

If you’d like the chance to see more of my life on an everyday basis, check out my Twitter! @ItsJacobEdward! And if you ever need a presenter, creative producer, facilitator, host, LGBTQ+ youth or mental health related speaker and so on… then do please get in touch! (redacted temporarily)

– Jacob

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