Jacob is an audio producer, presenter and youth worker, active in the North West/East, Midlands & London. With over 5 years experience working in these fields and specializing in music radio and LGBTQ+ youth work.


Starting in Internet radio on a station called Rubix Radio (where I dragged my friend Tom, who had no interest in being a radio presenter, into being a co-host of the weekly Saturday night entertainment show called ‘The Jacob & Tom Show’) before moving out into the big bad world of community radio, where I crafted my own style, a few years later I touched student radio ever so slightly before landing at national LGBTQ+ radio station Gaydio! 

Away from radio I’ve become known for working on many podcasts. Including commissions for National Student Pride! – All the info on these can be found on my podcasts page!


Starting out as content producer on Roisin Murray‘s Monday evening Exchange show, during this time I wrote up the news stories that the on-air team would talk about later in the evening, as time went on I was shown the ropes of output producing by the loveliest person in radio Jake Common and became an unofficial cover output producer for the show. After getting comfortable in my surroundings I started using one of the studios to record my podcasts, giving me an even better insight on the workings of the desk. Then, in March 2019, I got to cover a Wednesday night Exchange and started covering more and more shows. At the start of 2020 I became the host of the Monday night Exchange!

In March 2020, the world got a bit weird… and it was an honour to be asked to present the drivetime programme on Gaydio Manchester during the Coronavirus crisis. Being on air during this time has been like nothing I’ve ever experienced before and I won’t lie and say it’s all been rainbows and sunshine, but it has definitely helped me grow into a better broadcaster. I can’t thank the amazing team at Gaydio enough, they’re all brilliant. The show is still going strong after 5 months!


In autumn 2019 I joined akt (the artist formerly known as The Albert Kennedy Trust) a charity that supports LGBTQ+ young people in the UK who are experiencing homelessness or living in hostile environments. I’m a Youth Worker, part of the Youth Engagement Team, who look after the ‘soft skills’ side of the work the charity does, so things like day trips, training days, workshops and more for the young people who access our services. 

My role is brand new to the charity, and part of it is to actually create it! So I’ve been working on projects such as a weekend of creative workshops for our service users in the North East (with funding from Arts Council England) and a young people’s trip to some Christmas markets!

Unfortunately in February 2020 I had to leave my role at the charity due to personal circumstances.


I’ve worked with YoungMinds for almost four years now. They were the first charity I had to travel down to London to work with and for an anxious 18 year old that was terrifying, nowadays that’s just my commute!

Being a mental health charity they’ve been nothing but brilliant and understanding towards me. Essentially they created the monster I am today! Most of my public speaking skills can be put down to them.

I work on the Amplified Program, which is a 4 year project funded by NHSE to improve young people’s involvement in their mental health care decisions, this is often called ‘participation’. I’ve been to conferences, trained professions and causally met with the Prime Minister on world mental health day.

Weirdly not the first time I’ve been to 10 Downing Street either…

NCS – The Challenge 

In the summer of 2018 I started facilitating workshops for 15-17 year olds as part of the NCS program in the West Midlands. Much like with YoungMinds, I’d never done anything on the scale of NCS before, working with up to 90 young people, managing behaviour and keeping them engaged was a new concept all together! After a (very) rocky start however, The Challenge (the company that ran NCS in the Midlands while I was there) helped me develop my skills that would later help finding more youth work. The young people I worked with were nothing short of incredible, seeing them seek and develop stories was just amazing! 



In 2017 I was part of Stonewall’s Young Campaigners Program… yeah another monster was created! I can’t remember the exact reasons for signing up for the program but I left wanting to do more! For the first time in my life I was surrounded by LGBTQ+ people, people who ‘got it’, understood all the stuff we go through and it even helped me discover my own identity better than ever before. Since the completion of the program I’ve worked with Stonewall on several projects, including a sex education blog and video, being one of the people featured on their Facebook ads (look out for me on your timeline!) and another trip to 10 Downing Street, for a ‘celebration of pride’ and the launch of the GRA Consultation.

If you would like to find out more about how Jacob could help you on your next project, or host your next workshop – get in touch! (redacted temporarily)

Full CV can be found here

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