It’s a dream for so many and a reality for so few. Which is why it’s such an honour to tell you that I’ll be doing some shows on Radio 1 between Christmas and New Year! 🤗🥳💜

This has been a dream of mine since I started out on my media journey when I was just a hopeful teen. Life comes at you at full force at that age, add on being LGBTQ+ and struggling with your mental health, then you create *ME*, and Radio 1 was there for all that, all the lonely nights and days with no escape. I’d listen to Scott Mills & Alice Levine religiously to cheer me up (praise be to iPlayer Radio) I’d even record Dan & Phil’s Sunday night visual radio shows to try and learn how to use the desk via proxy (I’ve never told a soul that) – which now seems to have paid off!

It’s cheesy AF but that is why I LOVE radio, it’s why I’ve spent SOOOOO much time just doing it, in the hope that someone out there really needed to have a friend and I could be just that for them. A radio studio is truly a magical place too, it can turn me, a quiet, socially anxious queer being, into a confident FORCE OF NATURE! (it’s the best feeling!)

I’ve never shied away from being myself on air, and I’m pretty sure it’s cost me a few opportunities. Like with most industries not everyone is perfect but I have faced some vile individuals while trying to pursue my dream, which is why this opportunity could not have come at a better time. Visiting Radio 1 to record my pilot really opened my eyes to how lovely radio can be, everyone was so nice and supportive! I cried after visiting, not just because I’d been offered the gig of a lifetime, but because 2019 has been a challenging year for me as a presenter, I’ve considered stopping altogether multiple times and I’m SO HAPPY I held out. Having people at the top of their game support you in such a kind way was just so refreshing and necessary!!!

Jacob recording their pilot at New Broadcasting House

SO, I’ll be seeing you for TWO Radio 1 Anthems shows on the last days of the CENTURY. My shows are on:

  • Monday 30th December –> 10am-1pm
  • Tuesday 31st December –> 9am-11am


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